Knowledge is power and practice makes you better!

We provide interactive workshops, in-person and virtually!

The most successful companies foster a culture of learning. If you don’t practice the things you want to be good at, you will never get better. Our workshops are interactive, focused, and provide your teams with new skills they can go out and start practicing immediately.  We will even provide follow up coaching to see how things are going.

All of our workshops focus on improving employee interactions, communication and workplace culture. You can select from one of our topics below, or we can customize a workshop based on the needs and challenges of your organization.

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Here's a glimpse at one of our popular series:

Inclusive Communication Workshop Series

This workshop series focuses on creating inclusive spaces for the BIPOC, LGBTQ+, White and PWD communities in the workplace, and covers inclusive communication skills for in-person and virtual environments. The workshops are  interactive and will challenge your inclusive and empathetic communications skills in low, medium and high stress environments.

Intended Audience: Individual Contributors and People Leaders

Format & Delivery: Ideally delivered in three half-day sessions but can be adapted to one full-day session. Can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Additional workshop topics & series include...

Support Options

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Mini-Workshop (1-2hrs)
varies / starts at $1500
Half-Day Workshop (3-4hrs)
varies / starts at $3600
Full Day Workshop (5-8hrs)
varies / starts at $6000
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